World Folklore: A Miserly Merchant

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There is a wealthy merchant who lives in a village. He is the richest person there. Unfortunately, nature is very bad. He did not want to share what he had.

“My child is sick. I will borrow money from the rich merchant.” said one resident in a panic.

“It’s better not. You will only be humiliated there. Even if you don’t, you will only get caught in debt,” replied the other residents.

However, the population no longer knows how to get money. He also ventured to face the merchant.

“I won’t help you!” said the merchant arrogantly, when the residents came to ask for his help.

“Very well, sir. If so, let me borrow your money. My child needs help,” the resident asked.

“What are you going to pay for your debt with?” asked the merchant, still very arrogant.

“I will work, sir. If I have money, I will immediately pay it,” said the resident.

Fairy Tales of the World’s Stash of Traders

Fairy Tales of the World’s Stash of Traders

Evil thoughts arise in the minds of rich merchants. He could use the villagers to pay off debts with large interest. Finally, the merchant lent him money.

The rich merchant was indeed very cruel. Many residents feel tortured because of the large interest on their debt. All residents also hate the rich merchant.

One night, the rich merchant’s house was visited by robbers. The robber seized all merchant money. Merchants who don’t want to lose their wealth try to save themselves. He ran out of the house.

“Help! Help me, my house is robbed!” shouted the merchant.

All residents leave the house. But when they saw merchants asking for help, they returned to the house instead. They locked their doors tightly

“Just let the miserly merchant get his reply. He has done evil to us. Now, he knows how it feels to be harmed,” said one resident as he entered the house.

Hearing those words, the merchant felt sad. He realized that he had hurt many people. He also cried. He knew he could not live without the help of others. He should help others with sincerity, so he also gets help when he needs it.

Since then, the rich merchant has turned into a good merchant

The moral message of World Folklore: The Miserable Merchant is that we cannot live alone. We always need the help of others. So, help others sincerely, so we get help when we need it.

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