The Story of the Squirrel and Cork Fish Friendship

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At the beginning of the story, in ancient times, there were two friends in a lake, namely cork and squirrelfish. they have made their strong friendship very long and full of loyalty. If one of their friends is in trouble they help each other, that’s how the friendship of Fish and squirrels has been woven for years.

Long story short, one day the cork fish fell ill, his body condition was very alarming. The cork fish looks very weak and can’t do anything. The squirrel faithfully accompanied his friend who was sick.

“Cork, I will accompany you until you recover, my friend,” said the squirrel to the cork fish

“Thank you, friend, you are my best squirrel …,” replied the cork in a weak tone

“Cork, now you have to eat first, so you can get well soon,” the squirrel persuaded the cork fish to eat because the fish didn’t eat. But still the cork fish shook his head while saying “I don’t want to eat, it feels like all the food is not good in my mouth,” said the fish while rejecting the squirrel by the squirrel.

“Do you want to eat other foods, the important thing is you want to eat? Say my best friend, I will find it for you,” offered the squirrel to the cork fish.

“Really, my best friend, do you want to find it for me?” asked the cork fish.

“Right, my best friend, I will find it for you, the important thing is you want to eat so that you get better quickly and we can play together again,” replied the squirrel convincingly

“Squirrels, I just want to eat if I eat shark’s liver,” said the cork fish

Hearing the request of the squirrel cork fish was shocked and shocked. The squirrel realized that he was very difficult to actually fulfill his best friend’s wishes. Sharks are very wild and big fish too, and he lives in the high seas.

However, the squirrel has already agreed to a request from his friend.

“Okay cork, I’ll try to get it for you.” replied the squirrel

The squirrel thought hard to get the Shark’s heart, and in the end, the squirrel got the idea to fulfill the wishes of his best friend

The squirrel began to jump from one tree to another, doing the idea of ​​planning. Until he arrived at a coconut tree with a lot of trees going towards the sea. In its action, the squirrel began to pierce a coconut seed very carefully. the water was released from the coconut. and he then entered the coconut seeds. From the coconut, it can eat away the coconut fruit to fill its stomach.

“In this way, I can survive in the open sea,” thought the squirrel

Not long ago the coconut fruit that was entered by the squirrel was released from its stalk and plunged into the sea, it was seen that the waves in the sea were so large that not long after, the coconut had arrived in the middle of the sea.

Suddenly a large shark came and swallowed the coconut seeds intact. When the squirrel is in the belly of the shark, the squirrel begins to bite the shark’s liver. The shark fluttered to the coast.

when he arrived at the beach not long after the shark died because it was running out of strength.

Then the squirrel gladly finally was able to bring the shark’s heart to give to his friend the cork fish.

“Cork, this is the shark’s heart, your request, I bring it to your cork. Hurry up and eat my best friend,” said the squirrel to the cork fish.

The cork fish was happy with receiving it and then he ate it. Amazing events occur after the cork eats the shark’s liver. The cork fish is fully recovered, he jumps up and down happily

“My best friend’s squirrel, thank you, my best friend ……. thank you … and now I have cured a squirrel …!” exclaimed the cork fish happily.

Hearing that the squirrel joined in too. And the cork fish said to the squirrel “Squirrel if you later get into trouble and need my help, please say squirrel,” said the cork fish to the squirrel. And they are friends in happiness and peace.

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