The story of the Green Frog Children Always Crying When They Fall Rain, Why? !!!

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In ancient times, it was told in a pool that was quite large living a green frog child with his mother. the frog boy was very naughty and he never obeyed his mother’s words. If his mother told him to go to the mountain, he went to the sea instead. If his mother told him to go east, he went west. Whatever the mother ordered, she did it the opposite

The frog thought, “What should I do to this child. Why is he not like the other children, who always obey what their parents say.”

One day the green frog mother said, “My child, don’t you go out of the house, because it’s raining very hard outside. You can drift away.”

Not yet finished his mother spoke, the frog boy had jumped out of the house and while laughing cheerfully. “Hooray … Flood … I can play with my heart’s content …!”

The mother continued to give advice even until every day the mother advised her. However, the behavior of his child is even worse. Seeing the behavior of her child who was getting naughty, making the mother’s daily life sad and sad and finally the frog mother fell ill. The more pain the day gets worse.

Hinga one day when the mother felt her body getting weaker, the mother called her child. “My child, I don’t think your mother’s life will be long. Please listen to my child, if your mother dies, don’t bury me on the mountain, gave me, I’m in the river.”

Actually, the intention of the mother wants to be buried on the mountain, but because her child always does the opposite, the mother also tells the child otherwise.

Long story short, finally the frog mother died, the frog boy cried and continued to cry and regretted all his behavior. “Oh, my poor mother, why I never want to listen to your words. Now that you are gone, I have killed her.”

The frog boy remembered the last message from his mother. “I always do whatever is forbidden by my mother. And now to make up for all my mistakes, I will do your last message as well as possible.”

The frog boy then buried his mother by the river. In a few weeks later it rained very thickly, making river water where the frog’s child buried his mother overflowing. The frog boy was so worried about the condition of his mother’s grave that he would be swept away by the overflowing river water. And finally, he decided to go to the place where his mother was buried and watched over him.

While watching her mother’s grave she always begged and cried in the midst of the heavy rain. “Kwong … bro … bro, O river, don’t take my mother away …!”

Until now, green frogs will always go to the river and cry every heavy rain comes. Since then we have always heard green frogs cry every time it rains heavily …

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