The story of an Ape who became the King of the Forest

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One day in the middle of the jungle, there was the sound of the lion the King of the jungle growling in pain, it turned out that the lion king of the forest was shot by a jungle hunter. Hearing the news that all forest dwellers became restless because they now had no king, because of the King it was shot by the hunter.

Long story short, all of the forest dwellers gathered, for the election of a new forest king, all discussed to determine their new king, the first one to be chosen as the leopard, but the leopard refused because “not me, I saw humans only I have run away, “said the leopard.

“If the leopard doesn’t want to, then the rhinoceros, because you’re very strong,” said another animal.

“No no, I don’t want to, because my vision is not good, I often hit the trees,” Said the rhinoceros.

“Maybe it’s appropriate for you to be an elephant who becomes king because your body is the biggest here,” said another animal.

“My body movements are very slow, and I can’t fight,” said the elephant.

Very noisy was heard because they had to choose who deserved to be King, all pointing to each other candidates, and all who were appointed refused to become kings.

“Maybe today we will reach here, we will continue tomorrow,” said Gajah.

When all the animals will disperse suddenly from behind the monkey yells and say “Wait, what if only humans are the King, maneuvers will kill lions”.

“No way,” replied the squirrel

“Try to pay attention to me, I am very similar to humans, right?” Said the monkey “Then I am the one who is very suitable to be king,” continued the monkey’s words.

And after negotiations, finally, all forest dwellers agreed that it was Kera who would become the new king of the forest.

But after the monkey became king, it turned out that his behavior was not at all like a King’s apes. The work of the monkey was lazing around while eating delicious food. The other animals were annoyed, the one that was most annoyed was the wolf.

“How can the ape identify itself with humans?” thought the wolf. “His body does have something in common, but his brain doesn’t” continued the wolf thought.

After a long thought, finally, the wolf got an idea.

One day, the wolf was facing the king. Wolf said, “my lord, I found a very very delicious meal, and I’m sure my master would like it very much if you want me to take you to that place”.

And without thinking again the ape finally left alone with the wolf.

Inside in the midst of the jungle, there was a pile of fruits that apes liked, because of its greedy nature, the monkey immediately ambushed his favorite fruits. Apparently, the ape was caught in a trap made by humans, he immediately fell into the hole in the ground.

“Please, please,” the ape shouted, struggling so hard that he could get out of the trap made by humans.

“Ha … ha … ha … I never thought and I never imagined, a king is acting foolish, He can be trapped by a trap made by humans, if you have a stupid king, maybe he can protect his people.” watch other animals.

The animals also leave apes that are being trapped because of greed and their stupidity.

And even apes become human catches.

So the younger siblings are stories about monkeys who became king of greed.

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