The Story Of A Child From Fairyland: Lilo The Dwarf Complainer

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Once upon a time, there was a dwarf named Lilo. Lilo, his wife, and ten children live in the Fairyland. The country was led by a wise Queen of Elves. All beings live side by side peacefully.

Lilo doesn’t like being a dwarf. He always complains. When he passed the farmland of Gino the Ogre, he said, “Your land is vast. Look at me! Because I’m small, the fairy queen only gave me a small field. It’s really not fair. “

“This Lilo is the hundredth time you’ve said it like that! Why don’t you meet the Fairy Queen and just ask yourself? “Asked Gino.” Yes, maybe I should do it. “Lilo said as he walked furiously.

“Hi, Lilo! It’s a beautiful day! “Said Fenny the fairy.” Yes! Beautiful for you! Because you have wings and can fly. “Lilo said, still sullen. Fenny just shrugged. Lilo always complains about the same thing every time they meet.

When Lilo arrived at the home, he was greeted by his children. “Daddy, let’s play hide and seek!” Said one of his children. “Play with your brother! Don’t bother your father! “Said Lilo.

“Radish again?” Lilo complained to his wife.

“But radish is the healthiest food for the dwarves.” His wife answered.

But Lilo doesn’t listen. He spent the rest of the day grumbling. His family was quite relieved when he finally went to bed.

The next day, Lilo decides to meet the Queen of the Elves to convey her problem. Fortunately, Ratu Peri had time, so Lilo spent the morning complaining about everything.

“Baiklan,” said the Queen. “I will fulfill your request. When you go home later, everything is as you wish. “

Lilo ran home and saw his fields really had become big. The rice fields are even bigger than Gino’s rice fields.

“Fun.” Exclaimed Lilo with joy.

Lilo starts working in the rice fields. But then he felt tired. Even though he hasn’t plowed a tenth of his new rice field.

Then Fenny came. “Lilo, the Elf Queen told me to deliver this.”

Fenny holds a pair of wings.

“Really?” Said Lilo. Fenny nodded and helped Lilo install the wings.

“Wow, now I can fly,” Lilo said happily.

“Let’s start working.” Fenny invited.

“Work? What do you mean? “Asked Lilo.

“Now you’re a flower fairy. You have to visit each flower and clean it. Come on, I’ll teach you how. “Answered Fenny

So Lilo joins the fairies cleaning every flower in the Fairyland. When the day is approaching evening. Lilo is so tired that he can’t fly. So the other fairies let him go home.

When Lilo arrived home, he was really starving. But he did not find any food on the dining table.

“Lila.” He shouted for his wife. But his wife is not there. Likewise, children are not at home.

On the table, Lilo found a letter from the fairy queen. It reads like this.

“Lilo, I’ve moved your wife so you can eat whatever you like. I have also moved your children so they don’t bother you anymore. “

Lilo immediately cried. “I want my rice fields back. I don’t need this wing. I want my wife and turnip back. I also want your children to come back. I also want your children to come back. “

“Really?” Asked the Fairy Queen who suddenly appeared.

“Yes. Please. And I promise I will always be grateful for what I have. “Lilo said.

The Fairy Queen swings her staff once, and everything returns to normal.

“Father.” Shouted his children. “Let’s play,” Lilo said. “And Lila, please prepare radish for dinner.”

Lilo and his children went to play in a rice field which was indeed the right size for Lilo and his family.

Lessons that can be taken from the Story of Children From Fairyland: The dwarf Lilo is

What does it mean to be grateful? Grateful means always grateful for our situation in all situations. Knowing that God will always give us what we need and not what we want. Realizing that there are many people who are not as lucky as us.

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