The Fairy Tale of Good Hearts and Tigers

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One day, there was an elephant who was very kind. He is tall, big and also very strong. Has large ivory and a very long proboscis. He also likes to help and feed other animals that are starving. Not only that, the Elephant likes to give help to other animals who are in distress.

In this fairy tale, the elephant travels very far, passing rivers and jungles. When he passed the forest he met an unfortunate tiger. The tiger’s body was crushed by a tree branch, seeing the elephant through the tiger also asked for help to the elephant.

“Elephant … oh elephant, help  elephant,” shouted the tiger

And the elephant approached the poor tiger and swiftly lifted the branch of the tree that overtook the tiger with its strong trunk.

“Thank you for an elephant, if you do not immediately come and help me, maybe I have died because of being crushed by the big tree trunk. Once again I thank you for an elephant.” Said the tiger

“Yeah … tiger, you have to be grateful because you can survive and you only experience minor injuries.” Repeat the elephant

“It’s true that elephants, fortunately, you pass here. If other animals passing by, they can’t necessarily lift the big tree trunk. Once again I really thank you elephant” Said the tiger

“Never mind tigers, indeed we must help each other,” said the elephant

Even though the elephant is a very strong animal, he is not arrogant and still humble. And the elephant continues its journey.

In his journey, the elephant then met a mouse deer who was cool to enjoy cucumbers.

“My stomach is very full now, and I want to drink. I have to get water to drink immediately.” deer words speak for themselves after spending the cucumber he picks

The deer went to the river to drink. But after arriving at the destination, the river was dry with no water at all to wet his already dry throat.

The deer went around the forest in search of drinking water. But he was disappointed because after he had traveled to the rivers, swamps and lakes were all dry, there was no water at all.

He also thought for a moment, “Where else can I get water to drink,” grunted the deer himself. He remembered that there was still one more place he had not visited, namely a large pool located in the middle of the forest.

“Now I have to leave the big pool immediately, maybe I can get water for me there.” grunt the mouse deer in the heart

The deer began to walk in the middle of the forest, the place where the big pool was located. Arriving at the pond in question it turned out that the deer was right, there was still water in the pond.

“My guess is right, there’s still water in this pond,” muttered the deer

Actually, the pool is very small. But because the dry season of the water in the pond also receded and only half remained, until it was like a large pond.

Because the deer felt happy to be able to get drinking water, without thinking again he immediately jumped into the pond and drank as much water as he pleased. his dry throat was wet again, his energy had begun to recover and his body had become refreshed.

deer did not realize that his actions into the pool were very careless, he did not think how he could rise back to the mainland. Already several times the deer tried to climb from inside the pool, but he could not reach the top.

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