Tales of Children Stories of Ants, Caterpillars and Mouse Deer

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The beginning of the story, on a very sunny morning. An Ant is walking here and there looking for food. In its food search, the ant meets a caterpillar that is running slowly.

The food search trip arises the feeling that the ant wants to mock the caterpillar.

“Hi, Caterpillar,” the ant greets the caterpillar

“Also Ants” Answer the caterpillar while turning his head towards the ant.

“Caterpillar, can I ask something?” Ask Ants

“Please Ant, what do you want to ask?” answer the caterpillar.

“As long as I live I have explored almost all of this forest. But I was very surprised if I saw you Caterpillar, the animals that I had met in the forest had colors that looked very attractive and beautiful. However, it seems that only you’re a caterpillar that doesn’t look beautiful and attractive, “said the Ant.

The caterpillar just kept quiet hearing the ant’s words. The caterpillar did not respond to the words of the ant earlier. The caterpillar continued his steps to leave the ant, but it seemed that the Ant had intentionally wanted to mock the caterpillar.

The ant chases the Caterpillar and stops him.

“Hey, the caterpillar why didn’t you answer my question? You just went away without the answer?” The Ant said

But the caterpillar returned did not answer the words of the ant earlier, the caterpillar again set foot. So continuously, and until finally the deer saw the incident and said to the ants “Hey ants, what are you doing? Why do you like to ridicule the caterpillar?

We are both animals, it is not good if we like to mock each other, “said the deer to the ants.

“I didn’t mock the caterpillar at all, I really said no!” Answer Ant.

Long story short, a few weeks later. Looks like ants are busy walking the rocks on the banks of the river. Because the enthusiasm of the ant does not see the road and unwittingly the ant steps on the slippery rock and falls into the river water.

“please! Please! shout the ants asking for help.

The mouse deer who heard a shout for help immediately confronted him. The deer was very surprised to see the ant almost drowning in water.

However, the deer cannot do anything. Because the ant has been carried away by the middle of the river.

“please! Help! The mouse deer also shouted asking for help from other animals in the forest.

Suddenly, it seemed from a distance that the tail of a very beautiful butterfly approached the deer and asked “Why deer? What’s wrong?” asked the beautiful cousins ​​to the deer.

“You see in the middle of the river, there are ants that are washed away and almost drowned” replied the deer

Seeing the ant almost drowned, the cousins ​​immediately searched for a dry leaf and put it on the surface of the river near the ants. The ant immediately climbed the leaf and the butterfly danced to the edge of the river.

“Thank God, you survived ants, butterflies arrived just in time to help you,” said the deer

“I am very indebted to you Butterfly, thank you for helping me earlier. However, I have only seen you at all, you are really beautiful with me who is beautiful” said the ant

“Actually we have met and got to know each other if you still remember ants, I am a caterpillar you have mocked. I just metamorphosed into a butterfly” Answer the butterfly with a smile

Ants look very embarrassed after hearing the answer from the butterfly. And in his heart, he promised never to mock anyone again. V��_k

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