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Once upon a time, in a city lived a grandfather and grandmother of a shoemaker. They are very kind. The grandfather who made shoes while the grandmother sold it. The money obtained from every shoe sold is always bought a lot of food to be shared and eaten by poor elderly people and small children who have no parents. Because even though it has been toiling, their money is always gone. Because their money is gone, with the remaining leather shoes, grandfather makes red shoes. Grandpa said to grandma, If these shoes are sold, we can buy food for the holiday later.

Shortly after, a little girl who didn’t shuffle in front of their shop passed. Poor girl! In the midst of cold weather like this is not shoes. Finally, they gave the red shoes to the little girl.

It can’t be helped, God will definitely help us, said the grandfather. At night, they fell asleep soundly. At that time a strange incident occurred. From the forest appeared dwarves carrying leather shoes, taking him to the house of the grandfather then making it into a very good pair of shoes. When it was finished they returned to the forest.

The next morning my grandfather was very surprised to see a pair of shoes that were very great. The shoe sold at a high price. With the sale of the shoes, they prepare food and lots of presents to be distributed to young children on Holiday. These are all blessings from the Almighty.

The next night, voices were heard in my grandfather’s office. Grandpa and grandmother then peeked and saw dwarves who were not wearing clothes making shoes. Wow, the grandfather shrieked. Apparently, the one who made shoes for us is the dwarves. They must have been cold because they were not wearing clothes, continued the grandmother. I will make clothes for them as a sign of thanks. Then grandma cut the cloth and made clothes for the dwarves. While the grandfather does not stay silent. He also made small shoes for the dwarves. After they finished they lined the shoes and clothes of the dwarves in his office. They also set the dining table, prepare delicious food and cakes on the table.

At midnight, the dwarves arrived. How surprised they were to see so much food and gifts in Grandpa’s study room. Wow, beautiful clothes! They immediately put on clothes and shoes that had been deliberately prepared by grandparents. After they finished eating the food, they danced happily. The following days the dwarves never came back.

But since then, the shoes made by Grandpa have always been sold out. So even though they always provide food to poor people and orphans, their money is still left to save. After all that happened, Grandfather and grandmother lived happily until the end of their lives.

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