Legend of the Frog Prince

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In ancient times there lived a king who had several beautiful daughters, but

her most beautiful daughter is the most beautiful. He has a very beautiful face and always

looks radiant. He was named Jashmine. Near the king’s palace, there is a vast and dense forest. In

under an old lemon tree, there is a well. On a hot day, princess

Jashmine went to play in the forest and sat on the edge of a shower with very cold water. When

already bored the princess took a golden ball and threw it high and then caught it

back. Playing throwing a ball is his hobby.

However, one day the golden ball of the princess could not be captured. The ball then falls to the ground and

rolling towards the lake, and the princess’s eyes kept looking at the direction of the golden ball, and the ball continued

rolling until it finally vanished in the lake that was very deep, until the bottom of the lake was not visible.

The princess began to cry. The longer the crying gets louder. When he is still crying,

someone’s voice spoke to him “What makes you sad, princess? Weeping

The princess made me very moved. “The princess looked around looking for where the sound was coming from

but he only saw a large frog with a bad face on the surface of the water.

¦ “Did you speak Frog? I cried because my golden ball fell into the lake “

“Stop crying, said the frog. I can help you take your golden ball, but what

will you give me later? “, continued the frog.

“Whatever you ask will I give, my jewelry and pearls, even I will give

I use this golden crown “, said the princess. The frog replied, “I don’t want to

jewelry, pearls and even your golden crown, but I want you to be my partner and friend

accompanying me to eat, drink and accompany me to sleep. If you promise to fulfill all my wishes,

I will get your golden ball back, said the frog. “Fine, I promise to fulfill

all your wishes if you succeed in bringing my golden ball back. The princess thinks,

how could a talking frog live on land in time

which is old. He can only play in the water with other frogs while singing.

After the princess promised, the frog immediately dived into the lake and inside

a very short time he returned to the surface carrying a golden ball on

his mouth then threw it to the ground.

The princess was very happy because she got the golden ball back. The princess catches the ball

the gold and then ran home. “Wait,” said the frog. “Bring me with you, I don’t

can run as fast as you. But it was useless that the frog shouted for the princess, he still ran

leave the frog. The frog felt very sad and returned to the lake. The next day,

when the princess was sitting with her father while having lunch, there was a sound of a jump being held

marble. Arriving at the top of the stairs, there was a knock on the door and crying, daughter will open the door

for me. The princess rushed to the door. But when he opened the door, it was in front of him already

there is the frog. Shocked, he immediately closed the door loudly. He sat back at the dining table

and look scared. The King who saw his son was afraid to ask “What are you

scared my daughter? Is there a giant that will take you away? “Not father, no

a giant but a disgusting frog, “said the princess. “What is he

want from you? asked the king to his daughter.

Then the princess recounted the incident that happened to her yesterday. “I never thought

he will come to this palace, said the princess. Not long, there was a knock on the door again. “Princess,

open the door for me. Did you forget what you said in the lake yesterday? Finally the King

say to her daughter, whatever you have promised must be kept. Come on, open it

door for him. With heavy steps, the youngest daughter opened the door, then sang

the frog immediately entered and followed the princess to the dining table. “Lift me and

let sit next to you, said the frog. At the behest of the King, the guard prepared

plate for frogs beside Jashmine’s daughter. The frog immediately ate food

on the plate by sticking out his long tongue. “Wow, really not

have rules. Just seeing it makes me feel bad, said Jashmine’s daughter.

The princess rushed to her room. Now he was relieved to be able to break away from the frog. However,

suddenly, when he was about to lie down on his bed it turned out the frog was already there

on his bed. “Enough frogs! Even though I’ve made a promise, but this

it’s too much! Jashmine’s daughter was very angry, then she threw the frog to

floor. Bro! Miraculously, suddenly smoke escaped from the frog’s body. From inside the smoke appeared

a dashing prince. “Thank you, princess. You saved me from

the magic of an evil witch. Because you threw me, the magic disappeared and

I returned to its original form. Said the prince “Forgive me for denying

promise, the princess said regretfully. “I’m sorry too. I deliberately made you

angry so you throw me, “said the Prince. Time passes so quickly.

Finally, the Prince and Jashmine’s daughter made a promise to be loyal by marrying and

they live happily. ��� 

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