Collection of Fairytale Stories: Proactive Prince Elf Elgir

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and prosperous kingdom of Elf. This kingdom was ruled by King Elfor who was very wise.

King Elfor has two sons, Prince Eltar and Prince Elgir. Both are smart and kind. When it was time to choose a successor, King Elfor gave each of his sons a small area to take care of. Who can lead his territory better will be the successor of the king.

Prince Eltar gets a small area in the north. He immediately formed a government and awaited reports from the citizens of the Elves. When there were no reports, he thought everything was going well.

Every now and then the Elves come with their problems and Prince Eltar will help solve the problem because he is a clever prince.

Prince Elgir got territory in the southern part of the Elf Kingdom. Upon arriving in his new area in the south, he also immediately formed a government and looked forward to the report. When there were no reports coming in, he rode around the area.

Prince Elgir met with farmers and saw their fields growing well.

But he continued to learn how to grow their crops and managed to find better farming methods.

Prince Elgir also pays attention to the river in his area. He saw several small cracks in the wall along the river and he immediately ordered that the wall be repaired.

Prince Elgir also travels to a neighboring country in the south. The country is big and the king has a beautiful daughter.

Prince Elgir sent flowers to the princess and showed her the newly created cultivation method to the king. The king was very impressed.

Then comes the long dry season. Prince Eltar in the north began to get bad reports about a failed harvest. He immediately set off on a horse to help his citizens as best he could.

But a different situation was seen in the area of ​​Prince Elgir. Its citizens do not lack food because they have implemented a new farming method created by Prince Elgir.

Then the rainy season comes. Prince Eltar in the north received a report about the river wall which had begun to collapse. He immediately rode there and as much as possible to help his people overcome the problem.

The Prince Elgir area was fortunately not too affected by the flood because of the higher and stronger river walls they had built before.

Then Prince Eltar was attacked by a neighboring country in the north. Even though Prince Eltar was brave, he almost lost.

King Elfor sent troops to help his son. Prince Elgir, assisted by the king from the south, also sent reinforcements. Soon the attackers were defeated.

After that, King Elfor called his sons back to the Palace. Prince Eltar acknowledged his younger brother managed to lead better. King Elfor also bestowed his crown on Prince Elgir.

Prince Elgir did not rule alone because soon he got a companion of a beautiful queen, the king’s daughter from the south. Moral message from a collection of fairy tale stories: Prince Elf Elgir is what does it mean to take the initiative? Taking initiative means thinking about being up and doing something before it’s too late, controlling the situation and not being controlled by circumstances, thinking of ways to make things better without bein

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