Children’s Fairy Tales: Origin of the Snail House

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fairy tales told for children  first collection,
fairy tales told for children first collection,

In the past, snails did not have shells as we now see. The first time a snail stays in a bird’s nest that has been left behind by a bird’s nest on a tree. He also felt comfortable and calm living in the bird’s nest because it felt cool by the leaves of trees if it was hot during the day. However, the former bird nest that is inhabited by the snail cannot block the rain when the rain comes, and he feels cold and wet when the rain comes.

Then the snail went to find a new place to live that could protect it from raindrops. He also found a hole in the tree trunk

“Maybe this is a suitable place for me to make my home, because if when it’s hot during the day I will be protected and even when it rains even though it is very heavy I will not get wet and cold.” so thought the snail in his heart made the hole in the tree a snail house. And finally, the snail goes into the hole in the tree trunk.

Long story short, one sunny day comes to a woodpecker. Tok … tok … tok … trigger the trigger and continue to peck the tree trunk near the hole that the snail occupies. the snail became disturbed and he could not sleep because it was noisy to hear the woodpecker making a hole. His heart was very irritated and finally, the snail came down from the tree trunk and he went looking for the next place to live.

Towards the afternoon, the snail found a hole in the ground, “it looks warm when tonight comes” thought the snail. The snail began to clean the hole and he decided to stay inside it. When it began to arrive at night, it turned out that many rat rats were digging the ground from all directions and eventually damaging the snail’s house. Can’t make it, he went to leave the hole in the land to go back to find a new place.

He continued to walk and arrived on the edge of a beach full of rocks. “Well, maybe that’s the right one for me. Interrupting the rock can be my home. That place can protect me from the sun and rain, no woodpeckers peck at this reef and the rat won’t be able to dig to make holes on this rock. ” whoop  the snail feels happy.

The snail finally stayed and rested between the rocks. But when the tide is rising up above the rock, the snail is swept along with the waves. Once again the snail reluctantly had to go again to find a new home.

On the way he found an empty shell, the shape was very cute and light. Because of the fatigue and coldness of the snail entering the shell, the side felt warm and comfortable and he could sleep peacefully inside it.

The morning before he woke up and realized that he had found the best home for him. “This shell is perfect for me, I will not overheat and I do not need to hurry home quickly if it rains. Nothing else can bother me, because I can bring this lighthouse wherever I will go” Cheer the snail with a heart full of joy.

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