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Chinese Folklore: How to weigh an elephant

Once upon a time, an emperor in China got a huge prize from the country of India. How not big, the gift is an elephant. At that time, no one in China had ever seen such an animal.

“Hmmm, I wonder how heavy this animal is?” said the emperor, stroking his beard and watching the elephant.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry. I don’t know how to weigh that big animal?” said the emperor’s aide.

“We don’t have a scale that is big enough to weigh elephants,” he said again.

The emperor then ordered him to find someone who could weigh the weight of an elephant. But no one knows how to weigh an elephant. Suddenly, the eight-year-old emperor’s son said, “Father, I know how to weigh elephants.”

The emperor and everyone in the palace smiled at the crown prince’s courage to express his opinion.

“Oh yes? How did you do it? You’re still a child, my child. But, fine. What do you think? How do you weigh the elephant?” said the emperor.

The crown prince requested that the elephant is put on a boat. Then, he told the sailor to mark the waterline on the body of the boat while riding an elephant.

After that, the elephant has lowered again from the boat. Then, the crown prince requested that the boat is filled with bricks until the waterline in the boat body was the same as the water level when the elephant was raised by the boat.

After that, the bricks were taken to the edge of the lake and weighed little by little. So, the weight of an elephant can be known. The emperor and everyone were amazed by the intelligence of the crown prince.

Moral Message from Chinese Folklore: How to Weigh an Elephant is to be a smart child and use your mind to solve problems. Then, how do you become a smart child? Yes, of course with lots of learning and reading.

Chinese fairy tales: Little girls who become family heads

Once upon a time, there was a family consisting of a father, three sons, and three daughters-in-law. The three daughters-in-law often asked to go home to their parents. The father was irritated by the attitude of his sons-in-law. Finally, he gave difficult conditions to his three sons-in-law.

“You may go home, but you have to carry out this requirement. The first daughter-in-law must bring a fire wrapped in paper. The second daughter-in-law must bring the wind in the paper. The third daughter-in-law must bring music in the wind,” said the father.

“If you can’t bring the presents, you can’t come back again,” he said again.

The three daughters-in-law went to their parents’ homes. After a week in their homes, they then held a meeting somewhere to go home together. None of the three of them could get the gift their in-laws demanded. But, they still ventured home.

On the way, they meet a little girl riding a buffalo. He asked the three daughters-in-law what were bothering them. The three sons and daughters told their parents-in-law’s wishes.

The girl laughed, “I know what gifts do you have to bring?”

“Hah, how can it be? You’re just a child,” said one son-in-law.

The girl told me that the first son-in-law’s gift had to be brought, the fire wrapped in paper was a paper lantern. A gift the second son-in-law must bring, the wind in the paper is a paper fan. “When the fan has shaken a wind will emerge,” said the girl.

The third prize, music in the wind is a pair of Ionceng. “If the bell is rocked, beautiful music will appear,” said the girl.

The three sons-in-law returned to their in-laws’ homes and gave their gifts. The father-in-law wondered how his three sons-in-law could be so intelligent. The three daughters told about a little girl riding a buffalo.

The father-in-law immediately looked for the girl and raised her as a child. He also appointed the smart little girl to be the head of the family in his house.

The moral message is to be a smart child and lots of learning and reading. Then, don’t underestimate others. Maybe he is smarter than you

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